Give me all the new bags & pouches!

Happy Thursday everyone. I’ve been away from the blog earlier this week because I’ve been busy making a lot of new accessories! I also have some real good news from today, but I’ll come back to tell you more about that later. Today I wanted to do a re-cap of what’s being made… from my sewing machine to my Instagram to you.

Shoulder bags & slip pouches galore! I’ll be taking product photos of the slip pouches this week for their shop arrival. They’re perfect for point n’ shoot cameras but I’ve been loving mine to travel with my jewelry. I originally was inspired to design them for my tattoo artist (Allie Marie at Tattoo Candy in Chicago) so she could stow her tattoo machine guns safety when she travels to work in other shops. I am proud to report that she loves them & that her machines have safety successfully & happily traveled!

I still need hardware for 4 more of those shoulder bags but I’m currently trying to find a local source. If I can’t find something local, I’ll have to order online & wait for shipment. I know there was a lot of interest in these so I’ll be sure to keep my blog up to date with more info on their production. I’m just so stoked I finally used that awesome found bohemian cotton print & I’m looking forward to offering a detachable strap design with it.

The tassel clip-ons were fun to make &  I definitely want to include similar ones in future bags. A few of these are actually really special to me. Why? Along with vintage teal beads, I used the last FOUR of my favorite eye beads that I snatched off of a vintage necklace for 4 bags (yeah…only four!). I always look at jewelry when I’m out & about that I can reuse into my designs. I believe in using what is already there, what’s slowly being forgotten, and what’s special. Of course for something to be special, the right owner has to find it. Eyes are special to me because I’ve been drawing them as a little kid. I know there’s a trend in fashion going on with eyes, evil eyes, all seeing eyes, which probably re-inspired my eyes to attract to them everywhere (even in trees), but I’ve always felt a special connection with drawing eyes & human eyes.

Anyway, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should. I comment back and stuff. You know, real people stuff. The link is right after this. 🙂 I have another project to show you next week so be sure to come back!



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