Stimulations in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico.







Ajijic, Mexico is always such a treat and a breathe of fresh air, especially as an artist + a creative + a small business owner, more especially after spending a lot of time being in a big cities like Guadalajara and Chicago.  A lot of our time was spent on my dad’s roof top, soaking up the sun as we listened to music such as 13th Floor Elevators, as we watched the sun and moon hit Lake Chapala, talking about how to we’re going to manifest our personal creative projects.

I made a lot of first market purchases to include in the Bird Trouble’s Mobile Shop release while in Guadalajara just prior to our arrival to this quiet, artsy cobblestone street town.  In Ajijic, I just had to document the colors and textures of Bird Trouble‘s soon-to-be products, in their natural habitat, while the colors around me were so stimulating.

We witnessed a paper-mache dolphin statue come to life in the plaza, made by Ajijic-born artist & sculpture Daniel Palma, and we watched it burn.  Here’s more on Daniel.

The first day I jumped on my Slime Skateboard here, I fell hard on my knee, leaving a pretty gnarly gash and ripping my only pair of jeans – the $2 ones I found thrifting, damnit.  After a few days of recovery and relaxation in nearby thermal hot pools, we went to visit the smaller skate park in Ajijic, literally directly, next to the lake.  I practiced my ollies as I smelled the spray paint from a tagger who left his mark, and sit next to the group of kids who cheered each other on, in efforts of inspiring and landing a cool trick.

We went to my dad’s favorite Cheers-like bar a good amount of times.  Bar El Camaleon. Some small talk, and some great conversations were had amongst the smell of cigarettes, cigars, weed and mezcal as I danced and sang along to the jukebox, in the middle of practicing my pool game.  A good amount of hangovers were had too.

Oh yeah, and we ate frozen yogurt a few times, but that was in Guadalajara.  It’s just an important detail, and since I’m not a liar, I can’t finish this post until I tell you, I lost to James 2 out of 3 times in Connect Four.



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