What are your return and/or shipping policies? Please take a peak at this page for any questions on making a return or when Bird Trouble ships, how we ship, or when you’ll receive your package. This is a good page to look at before you make your purchase.

How do I care for my item? If your item has leather, you may want to treat it with a leather conditioner. Most customers don’t do this. It will look great naturally softening up as you wear it. If your item is a textile, we suggest dipping a damp towel into detergent (color safe when necessary) and cleaning the area.

So, if it’s one of a kind, does that mean it’s really one of a kind? YES. How cool is it that Bird Trouble can offer a one single style for our customers. Everyone’s different, why not different accessories? We use vintage and we repurposed clothing for our designs. Once we’ve used it up, it’s totally gone, forever.

Everything is handmade? Yup! Alexz Sandoval creates everything with her two hands in her Guadalajara, Mexico studio. It can range anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to create an items. Our patterns were drafted by Alexz. The leather is hand-cut, not by machine. The only machine we have is the sewing machine. If an item says hand-stitched, it really is hand-stitched.

Where do you supply your materials? Bird Trouble strives to be as eco-friendly as possible. We use a lot of repurposed materials that have collection over various travels or adventures in the last 5 years. Our friends and customers are so amazing, we’ve been sent Bird Trouble materials in the past to reuse. If the material is new, it is stated in the listing and it is purchased by a small family owned business here in Guadalajara. We buy everything from the littlest person out there, as we sway away from mass corporations.