Welcome to the Bird Trouble Line Sheet & Look Book!


Welcome !

I am so stoked you are visiting.  I am now offering a line sheet to retailers and I’m super excited about it, so here is a page dedicated to sharing my line sheet and look book to you, the rad retailer.  I’m so stoked to be at this point in my small business.  Every order made goes back into the cycle of my passions:  Bird Trouble, food my dog and I, coffee for me, travel money, and the future of Bird Trouble…  the vision keeps rolling in my mind:  a shop/studio vehicle customized for the open road back in America,  and for my dog and I!   I hope to show how other wanderlust souls can run and travel with a creative business.  I plan to go a lot of places, to introduce Bird Trouble to a lot of new customers, to meet a lot of people, and for the experience of a lifetime.  Thank so much for believing is Bird Trouble and for considering for your shop! — Alexz Sandoval

Click here for the look book and click here for the line sheet and ordering terms.
Send orders and other inquires to: Alexz@BirdTrouble.com




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