Bird Trouble Mobile Shop Update


Today was a perfect sunny day to work on the RV – also the soon to be Bird Trouble Mobile Shop. James replaced all the light covers on the outside and sealed the edges around them. He added carpet to the wall of the stairs, leading into the RV.

I added the new cushion covers we worked on in our apartment this week, which happen to be a repurposed vintage hand-stitched quilt. I got a great deal on this quilt, like under $10 deal, plus it’s all beach shack-ish, just how I like it.

We’re still working on the penny counter. We have to level out the RV in order to put the 2 part resin on it. James also made us copper pipe curtain rods for the kitchen, which look so so good by the penny counter.

We’re figuring out a way to install the beautiful glass light cover I bought from my friends at Soñé Nayarit in Mexico. There’s a top to it, unpictured, that has a ring where a chain can be hooked to. The top is very easily detachable from the glass, so we can take it off while we’re traveling, and set it up back when we’re parked for markets or hangs.

Oh! Also pictured – you’ll see the killer job James did on installing the carpet ceiling and walls by the drivers cab. When we bought it, there was nothing on the ceiling and walls but an ugly white wall space. We found carpet at the thrift store for A DOLLAR and it happened to be in amazing condition, not smelly or stained, and the perfect size.

Score! We’re scoring! I’m so excited!

Okay, time to head to bed. I’ve been working on this computer for too long tonight! – Alexz




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