Sara Faraj Photographs Bird Trouble, Artisan Process of Leather + Waxed Textile Bags // Handcrafted in Chicago IL


In January, my friend and talented Chicago photographer Sara Faraj came to the Bird Trouble studio to hang out and shoot the creation of a Bird Trouble Bag after ordering one of my new Waxed Canvas Bag style a few weeks prior to her visit. She gifted me these photos. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share my favorites so you too can feel the good vibes and catch the process of me creating a Bird Trouble bag.

In these photos, you’ll see the last step of creating a leather Dylan Duffel bag from my Luxurious Leather, LOST IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION collection: finishing up and applying the handstitched strap handles. Bird Trouble leather bags are about 30-40% handstitched. I’m proud of these details because it takes time to stitch these up and this traditional form is stitching truly makes Bird Trouble bags unique.

Enjoy witnessing Bird Trouble’s beloved process of expressing our passion for handcrafted and quality products!
-Alexz Sandoval ((founder, designer, maker))


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