Things to Do in Colonia Americana – Chapultepec Ave – Guadalajara, Mexico.



For one whole year, I planned to visit and stay in Mexico during Chicago’s coldest part of winter with my boyfriend, James.  We set an intention to hustle our asses off for the entire year, so we could comfortably leave Chicago for a couple weeks after the holidays, to spend time with my family in Mexico.  It’s just too damn cold in Chicago, and on top of it, James and I are the kind of people that like family, simplicity, adventure and warm weather… how could one not enjoy those things, right?

Right now we’re on our 3rd week of vacation, and I’m typing to you from my dad’s apartment in Puerto Vallarta, but we started our trip in Guadalajara.  City life.  My mom’s apartment sits off of Chapultepec Ave. in Colonia Americana.  Chapultepec is rad because there are so many restaurants, bars, boutique retailers, and boutique hotels.  All over too.  Plus, Chapultepec Ave. is also only 30 minutes walking distance to the historical downtown district.

Some of my favorite places to patronage near in Guadalajara

Coffee Legacy – This place has a relaxing bohemian atmosphere.  You may catch yourself wanting to stay all day.
Grillo – Our favorite bar.  We went there almost every day.  Amazing selection of craft beers.  Our favorite here: Cerveza Diogenes.  Great, friendly staff and awesome, sometimes nostalgic, music.  You might even find a couple new friends here!
La Res Pública – My favorite pop-up style restaurant in Guadalajara.  It’s only open a few days during the week.  The vacio is insanely delicious.  I truly talk about this place at least once a month in the States and was so excited to take James here.
Uma Uma  – Japanese Kitchen.  Yep, you read that right.  We craved ramen, we found ramen, we conquered ramen.
Pig’s Pearls – BURGERS.  GOOD BURGERS.  Oh my god.  I craved a burger from this place for the longest time.  It’s like a “hipster joint” too, if you’re into “hipster-y” places, like I tend to be.

Next to seeing my mama (Of course, since I don’t see her in person that often. Thank gawd for Skype), my favorite part about Guadalajara was Chapultepec Ave. itself.  James and I brought our Slime skateboards (Slime Skateboards is James’ skateboard company he runs with a couple close friends) and Chapultepec Ave was perfect for us to spend hours tending to our skateboarding craving.  We took advantage of the weather, the area, and even had a full day of skateboarding with our Guadalajara friends.  We hopped in the back of our friend’s truck and joined them in an adventure to an outdoor skatepark called Montenegro.  This park is huge, and it was so much fun.  I’m proud and excited to see my ollies getting less wobbly and more balanced, and I’m happy watching James in his basically-natural-skater-dude state.

My second favorite part about Guadalajara is the antique market off of Ave. Mexico and Chapultepec and it happens every Sunday.  We were only in Guadalajara for a week, so we only had one chance to go to the antique market, and you can bet your butt I splurged some cash to come home with a bunch of cool things, for myself and for the Bird Trouble online store.  I might not know exactly how I will take it all home with me…but you can bet your butt on that too, that I will figure out a way!  Soon I’ll release information on how you can buy the unique, handmade, cool things I found.  I’ll be calling the collection “FOUND IN MEXICO” and  I can’t wait to share!

#determined #iloveoldthings #ilovehandmade


My third favorite part about Guadalajara is the architecture.  There are so many buildings and cathedrals, especially in the Historical Downtown area, that were built in the early 1800’s.  It’s just wild to think about the history, the events, and even the fashion that was happening during the time of construction (or re-construction, if we’re talking about the Guadalajara Cathedral).  To stand in front of these old buildings today, thinking about how advance our modern day life is, not just about the wars involved (since apparently some kind of war is always happening), just simply blows my mind.

#lifehuh #historywoah

James and I are happy to be experiencing new food, new outlooks, new people, and new environments.  I personally believe that this is the best way to live life… to not feel that you are a slave to your life, but to enjoy it.  We don’t need a lot of money to enjoy our vacation and because we own/run our own businesses, we have intentionally found flexibility in our work and we’re even making money while we’re out here.  We still work, even while we’re on vacation.  In fact, I believe this experience has inspired our minds to open up in different ways, most definitely allowing up to freely think about new ideas we might not have thought about if we didn’t take this trip.  This is a key winner when you’re an entrepreneur.


I believe anyone can do what we’ve done, if intentions and opportunities are sought out and grabbed.  I hope to make traveling more of a habit every year it makes sense for me, because hell, you only live once.  Make it worth it.


Below are some photos from Guadalajara that I shot and edited.  Through out the next few posts I write, I’ll be sharing more photos and more adventures.  I love documenting my life and looking back on it years later, but who knows – maybe this will inspire others who need a little change, a little adventure, a little wild & free sort of life.


Send me any questions and thoughts you have in the comments as I love to give advice and read about other people’s perspectives on traveling. xx- Alexz Sandoval

























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