VIDEO: Renovating Bird Trouble’s renovated 1978 Dodge RV Campervan TINY HOME

One of my favorite things about our campervan journey is having the motivation to document it and then being inspired by so many thoughts of my own documentation. Something that I’m apart of creating. It’s so exciting. It’s new. Campervan renovation is a process that makes you realize that it’s a smart idea to practice patience and to just enjoy every aspect of a dream that is literally coming true in front of your eyes.


Albany Bulb, East Bay, California


Guadalajara, Mexico

The holiday season is super fun, always, and I’m really excited for this year because my best friends, Christina and Mark, are coming home to Chicago from L.A. But it’s also always a really busy time and I feel that almost every American is talking about what they need to do, what flights they’re catching, where they need to go, what they’re buying for their family, how much alcohol they’ve been drinking recently.


Somewhere amongst the Rocky Mountains in Colorado

I feel like I sometimes forget to feel what the holidays feel like, without work, but since the holidays are probably the busiest time of the year as a designer, maker and a small business owner, my thoughts are more like… if I’m creating and sending out Bird Trouble orders on time, getting enough sleep, feeding myself enough vegetables, “Crap, did I ever email __ back?”, “Shoot, did I feed my dog?”


Joshua Tree, California


Ajijic, Mexico

Life throws a lot of stimulation our ways, but you know what I like to do? I think about driving the campervan or sewing in the parked campervan under magnificent trees. I think about the calmness I felt through the solo-travels and travels with friends/family I’ve experienced the last 3 years. Traveling solo made me realize that I like to spend more time in silence than I do with noise. I learned to meditate through these travels and through making art/sewing, to silence my usually anxiety filled mind.


Somewhere in Texas

I’ve actually been told it’s not healthy to want to be somewhere else, but if it induces relaxation, to meditate into another environment, why not do it?

photo 4 (1)

Ajijic, Mexico

I think it’s crazy how resilient and absorbent our minds and our bodies are. It’s crazy how making a positive daily and intentional change, or even a simple healthy addition to your lifestyle, is so easy if we just let go. It just takes one step forward, one action, kind of like how I decided to just say, “I will buy that campervan!” and make intentions to TRAVEL MORE.

See my previous post on the campervan HERE

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Hope you like my campervan video. I can’t wait to show you more photos and to share more stories on the renovations of it. PS. The photos in this post are all ones that I’ve shot in the last couple of years. Crazy thinking about how many places I’ve stepped my feet onto… – Alexz Sandoval. Founder, maker, designer of Bird Trouble


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