Visiting Circa Modern Chicago + Ezra Siegel Art

Circa Modern Chicago had an event the other week, celebrating the new work of Chicago artist, Ezra Siegel, that was displayed amongst the walls. So we stopped by to see what all the buzz was about! On the walls, Ezra’s new work both stood out and blended in perfectly. It’s as if both Ezra’s art and Circa Modern were meant for each other. It’s as if Ezra’s art came straight out of the 70’s.

We had a great time! I’m a big fan of modern vintage and I have to tell the truth – it was my first time there. Needless to say, I wanted pretty much everything. Yep. I almost cried like a baby toward some pieces. Whatever, don’t judge me.

This city’s trending fuse of local art and modern vintage can make a design and art lover’s heart scream, as if our hearts were placed on top of the mountains and we were told to truly scream if we frankly couldn’t be without such beautiful design in our lives.

I documented our time there. Here are my photos. To zoom into them, simply click on them! Now tell me your heart wouldn’t scream like mine. xx – Alexz Sandoval //


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