Soaking up Tiny Home Inspiration

As most of you know, Bird Trouble is moving toward aspirations of turning our online & bespoke studio brand into a Mobile Boutique. We’re currently renovating this 1978 Dodge Campervan!


My dude and I are looking for new adventure, more time to do what we enjoy, to catch up on hobbies we’ve unfortunately diminished time for, new possible friendships and definitely unforgettable experiences. Probably the most important to us, we’re hoping to happily sustain a healthy financial and living situation by living off of our art and hobbies.

If you’re already a reader of mine, you’ll know that I design and create fair-trade bags and accessories, plus some textile art, for my brand Bird Trouble. James is a designer and skateboarder, so naturally he’s getting his closest friends together and they’re coming out with a new brand, SLIME. Slime is focusing on a sick collection of USA made skateboards and screen-printed shirts (done by him & our pal, Jourdon!).

We definitely are extremely passionate about our lifestyle, but since we are becoming adults and we need to act like them, we’re thinking of ways to maximize our funds while still having fun.

So I’ve been collecting as much inspiration as I can.

I’ve subscribed to multiple YouTube channels that were started by others who have the same Tiny Home interests as us. Our mobile life will be half our living situation and half our creative studio. I’m studying ways on how to make money through blogging, through Workamping, through Housesitting, and so many more ideas I’m excited to learn about.

Soon I’ll share the YouTube channels I’ve found but for now, here’s a little image post on recent inspirations from other Glampers, Full Time Crafters, DIY shakers, and Paleo Food Lovers.

Enjoy and be sure to follow my Tiny Home Blog Series! – Alexz


Of course I sourced the most beautiful photo of a mobile living vehicle straight from an article on stating 9 Awesome Vintage Buses Convertible into Beautiful Mobile Homes.

This baby above is called the Cosmic Collider. My heart. It’s beating fast. The owner, Ryan Lovelace, is a surfboard artist out of Santa Barbara, CA and he added a loft to his retro bug. I glanced at his website and blog PCProgress and yup, totally impressed and envious of not only his bus, but his travels, and the amount of water he’s able to photograph.


Carrie and Britton of Half Hitched Goods based out of San Francisco own an adorable Volkswagen Vanagon T called the Rolling Shoppe, and it’s dedicated to handmade work and travel! Half Hitched Goods offers artisans goods and heirloom treasures, so you know that Bird Trouble can related.

I checked out Carrie and Britton’s online shop a while ago and boy, what a wonderful assortment for men and women of all kinds! What caught my eye? This ‘Home Is Where You Park It’ book, of course. I put it on mine and James’ Christmas List… but don’t tell James that. I didn’t check with him. 😉


Earlier, I stumbled onto and learned that designer, blogger, and over-all fearless DIY bad ass from LA, Mandi, renovated a campervan with her husband Court.

I freaked out about the renovation tour for probably 30 minutes and in the end, was left of a page of inspiration that I received from her campervan tour and had a great conversation with my boyfriend James. Inspiration trigger, like crazy! We discussed  *finding sponsorship*, which lead me to listening to PR & Investor pitches through

I’m here to soak up everything as I get to my own Mobile Tiny Home little dream life.


I’m interested in learning why other adventurists partake in Tiny Home living. I believe it’ll help me understand my obsession with it. So I’m researching books.

What I took from my research is that this book, WALDEN ON WHEELS, seems interesting since it comes from the author’s, Ken Ilguna, own personal experiences and beliefs that led him to living in a van while in college. The book interplays with the idea of modern society and examines one dude apart a huge part of our population in the U.S. who can’t afford to mortgage for the future because of the cost of schooling.


I think about glamping so much. I constantly realize how my currently diet and cooking habits, the one I’ve been working on for almost 2 years now, are going to balance so well with a glamping life. I mostly cook fresh and love to experiment. I just feel so much better doing so. Microwaves creep me out, meals cooked from scratch in a pot always turn out better. I already figured, if I plan to live on the road, I’m going to need to learn to cook healthy for myself. Otherwise, if I don’t, I know I can say bye bye to that $60 spent on a mediocre dinner.

I found and read an article, written by Europe Traveler Irey, on Great Camping Food and Road Trip Ideas…and well, now I wont stop thinking about the Chorizo and Veggie Stew above until I make my self some dang some. Turns out Europe can be expensive to eat paleo, so if your country’s product isn’t pricey, why not take advantage of delicious affordable healthy foods whenever you can! Your body and mind will thank you!



Leave your favorite feature in the comments and let us know if you have similar TINY HOME interests as we do! If you have any questions for us, holler at us here or reach out to me on Instagram: @BIRDTROUBLE

Disclaimer: I will not put any energy toward judgmental questions. In fact, I’ll ask you to leave this campervan dream-coming-to-reality because in the long run, when we’re parked next to a beach with a healthy tan and you’re in the stinky office you go to every day, we promise we wont be worried about judging your stinky day.


Alexz Sandoval


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