We launched Bird Trouble’s Handcrafted Vegan Waxed Canvas Bags Campaign on IndieGoGo! FashionForGood from Chicago


The days are here, my friends!! I’m like super horrible at blogging now, but I swear it’s because I’ve read so many “Work is not just an online presense” memes. It’s like the universe is telling me to stay out and about in Chicago’s amazing small business and creative community.

BECAUSE IT’S SO AMAZING! So lucky to be here amongst so many inspiring talented folks who just push me and push me!

Aside from this holiday season’s crazy schedule of Bird Trouble pop ups (3 scheduled just for this week!), I designed an amazing new functional as hell bag…

…and it’s called, the Bird Trouble VEGAN Convertible Waxed Canvas Bag.


This bag can be worn 3 different ways, depending on how you attach the straps and of course, depending on the type of daily errands you have. It can be worn as a backpack, as a tote bag, and as a shoulder bag. The strap is adjustable so you can wear it cross-body or at a higher level. I wanted it to be so functional, that my customers will use it daily and will wonder “Is this a dream?”

To celebrate this rad new design, Bird Trouble launched an IndieGoGo & an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL for the Convertible Waxed Canvas Bags at a whoopin’ $99.

In order to produce a larger quantity of these bags, I’m raising funds and awareness to the new Bird Trouble product and to continue spreading our 2016 business plans for Bird Trouble’s first Mobile Boutique. I’m asking for $3,500 in total and have already sold 5 Early Bird Special orders… but there’s 20 days left and $2,950 left to fund.


To flow with the Midwest winter’s weather, which is being fairly strange and kind to us in Chicago at the moment, I decided this bag should be made of WAXED CANVAS. The rain slides right off of these champs! The lining is made from repurposed jeans because I was thinking about what could be the most durable, and also affordable in costs. There’s no leather or animal products used to make these dudes – cha-ching, THEY’RE VEGAN!

I’ve been caught in the rain with it more than once and I’ve been tossing mine around like a rag doll. I’m tough on my bags, and I’m happy that my new design can meet my expectations of durability, especially at such a great price.


These bags will eventually retail at $140 – I’m thinking February 2016, they’ll be available on birdtrouble.com – so how about I ask you to become apart of Bird Trouble’s 2016 Fair Trade & Alternative Lifestyle Movement and you grab yourself a Vegan Convertible Waxed Canvas Bag from our IndieGoGo campaign. But hurry! There’s only 20 days left until it ends.

If you don’t know about IndieGoGo, it’s a crowd-funding website. I love to use crowd-funding as a way to personally connect with new customers & to offer great package deals.

Not interested in the Bird Trouble Waxed Canvas style but you want to support our IndieGoGo…and you’re in love with Bird Trouble Luxurious Leather styles?! DUDE.

You’re in luck my friend. Down from $345, you can treat yourself or a loved one to the best holiday gift of all – a Debbie Satchel – for only $199!!!  I just want to see everyone rocking fringe, honestly, and with a quality and guarantee that you’ll love our Debbie, one can forever cherish this timeless style.


Want to support our IndieGoGo and our movement, but you’re on a budget this Holiday Season?

Gurl – I feel ya. So this is why I’m also offering Bird Trouble’s Janis Festival Pouches at a special donation price of $30. They make touching gifts as your loved one will appreciate the fact that each is one a kind and made with two human hands! They’re originally retailed at $40 – $50. Sort of a big deal!


You may also donate $15 for a personal handwritten thank you from me.

If you don’t want a gift, and you just want to “contribute”, you also have the option to contribute any amount you want.

How often do I thank you guys?

I’m a real human behind this blog post. One with big dreams and a mind that wont stop. I’m stubborn really. My stubbornness makes me a delightful business owner because I a) wont give up and b) wont back down. I believe that the bigger than Bird Trouble gets, even more people choose to shop sustainable fashion and goods, and to realize how big of an impact your spending is. This isn’t just for me, or Bird Trouble, this is for all of us.

Thank you for following, for reading, and for encouraging.


Alexz Sandoval



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