Crafted in the Bird Trouble Studio… the Debbie Satchel


Okay I direct my thoughts into a positive direction with every Bird Trouble bag I create, but this Debbie Satchel I recently finished is magnificent!!  The details on it really do make me happy, and I know it’ll make the new lucky lady who, the future owner, happy too.
I added a leather trim to the textile pocket for the first time and I have decided to keep that same detail going onto future Debbie Satchels.

Southern California loves Bird Trouble!

We have a growing number of customers who live in southern California. This Debbie and two others that look closely like it will be making their way to So Cal by the end of this week. That’s 3 Debbie Satchels in the same general area, not including other customers in the surrounding areas such as L.A.
So Cal loves Bird Trouble!  In fact, I received a photo from a friend today… of a gal at the Born Free Motorcycle show wearing her Brody Satchel.  Keep those good Cali vibes flowing…
I can not wait to get these to their ladies… – Alexz Sandoval
The textile in this Debbie Satchel is a repurposed handcrafted wool blanket that was made in Oaxaca Mexico by weavers practicing traditional artisan techniques.  The colors of the fibers have been dyed with natural ingredients and is sustainable to the land in the community.  Bird Trouble‘s fair-trade business model ensures that we create with sustainable materials.  Why?  Because we’re wanderers and we love the earth.  This is our way of speaking that.  How do you love your earth? 

Order your own Debbie Satchel: HERE

Share with me in the comments, lets get some ideas rolling… I’d love to be more connected to my readers and my community. –LIVE WILD & FREE. BIRD TROUBLE


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