Crafted In the Bird Trouble Studio… the Anita Fringe Suede


The last couple of weeks have been flying by…
Bird Trouble has been involved in a couple of pop ups and we have even more coming up.  The next one we’ll be selling at is this Sunday evening at the Empty Bottle in Humboldt Park Chicago.  There will be bands – Outer Minds, Lil Tits, Strawberry Jacuzzi, DJ Melissa Grubbs, and The Fly Honeys.  It’s a SYA773 Event fundraising money for Planned Parenthood and I’m excited that Bird Trouble can be involved.

///  Time doesn’t stop.  If it’s spent right, so many beautiful ideas can be turned into reality and so many thoughts can bring manifestations.  Some ideas Bird Trouble has been working on…

  • I’ve been finishing the productions of the last couple of Kickstarter rewards.
  • James and I have been planning more features for the Bird Trouble Mobile Shop 2016 project.
  • I’ve been connecting with some great humans who want to work under Bird Trouble, to represent our brand and learn to create our bags.
  • It’s all so exciting, but how does one keep up?!  I’ve also been working on a detailed business plan for next year’s Mobile Shop plans and thinking about funding options.
  • Keeping the shop stocked for Small Business Saturday and holiday pop-up shops!

For my next couple of blog posts, I’m going to share photos of the last few bags I’ve finished.  I love documenting because I can see my skills and the quality of my finishing evolve.  This is also a good way for me to show the universe, and show anyone who is interested in my products, what the details in the Bird Trouble bags and accessories look like.

In this post, the Bird Trouble Anita Fringe Suede Bag!

This Anita Fringe Suede Bag is one of a kind.  I enjoy mixing new and repurposed materials for the Anitas.  Each one I’ve made has been different.  The design is already so unique and with repurposed materials added, it only makes it more special.  This customer asked for dark blue suede and said I could add anything as long as it wasn’t jingly, because if it jingled… she couldn’t sneak up on her prey. 😉
What do you think of the details and the new tags!?  What sort of creative endeavors have you been up to?  Are you a small business with a great holiday idea evolving?  Share with me in the comments, lets get some ideas rolling… I’d love to be more connected to my readers and my community. – Alexz Sandoval, founder/designer/maker of Bird Trouble


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