Peggy, the Bird Trouble 1979 Dodge Sportsman Campervan vehicle!

It’s been a little over a month since we purchased Peggy.

Peggy is the first Bird Trouble vehicle. A 1979 Dodge Sportsman.

It has the cutest and shortest front nose. It’s one of the features that influenced us to buy it. It also helped that I found out the previous owner was a biker chick named Peggy. I imagine this bad ass lady and I imagine myself in this campervan, and think… “Damn, this is cool.” But also, we drove about 5 hours north into Wisconsin to look at it. A week before we saw this one, we lost out on another one we liked. Right around this time, we were emailing with a bunch of people who were selling their campervans. This one seemed just right, and perfect timing money-wise.

We purchased it for $1,750. We figure… if we stay under $3,000 total on a cool rare camper van that has extremely low miles on it, that can take us plus our businesses near and far, we jump way ahead in our business game. We meet new people. Experience new cities. We still have a shower and a toilet. We have a stove.  We live life how we want… to the fullest.

It’s fun renovating it. It wasn’t it bad shape to begin with but we have come across a couple unexpected issues. There was a leak into the sleeping area, on top of the cab. James was able to repair it easily and early. We’re currently in the middle of painting the inside white. It was originally dark wood brown but it felt small, and felt too much like a stale cabin. Now that it’s white, it’s open and refreshening. We’re re-doing the flooring next. I can’t wait to share photos of that part… I’ll say one word. BLUE.

It ran for the first 3 hours out of our 5 hour ride home the day we purchased it. Then it stopped. We had to sleep in the parking lot of a visitors area the first night we had it! It was magical! Haha! Minus the fact that we had no blankets, it was still a cool forced experience for us.
James had his buddy come by this weekend, so they can figure out what is wrong with Peggy. Turns out, the fuel is choking up and out of the carburetor. We’re going to take the carburetor to a specialist. We’ll either clean it up and stay with the same carburetor, or get a new one. We also are going to look into changing out a couple hoses. We already bought a new battery and changed a couple smaller hoses. I’m learning about all this mechanical stuff. This is honestly, the first vehicle I’ve owned in about 3 years, but the first one I actually want to learn about.
After we finish up this journey of fixing up and finishing up the paperwork to get Peggy on the road, I plan on doing a lot of rad projects and pop ups out of her. I’m excited. I love projects that take a while. Projects you can truly sit back and enjoy the progress of all of it coming together. This camper van is definitely going to give us a long-term project, and an exciting journey, overall. It’s insane – I’ve been talking about owning a camper van for Bird Trouble for YEARS and not only do I finally meet the right moment in life, I also meet the right person to do it with.
I am one happy camper. I hope you meet Peggy soon! Click the Follow my Blog on the right panel of this blog, or sign up for my newsletter to read more updates, soon.
Alexz, James, and Tylerdude


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