LIVE RICH IN EXPERIENCE – – – Bird Trouble Lifestyle

During the time I lived in Mexico, I hopped on a plane to California and traveled via Amtrak train down to LA, through Oakland, and east to Chicago.  During my time, I searched for retailers I could see Bird Trouble at and explored the cities for inspiration.  This video mostly consists of time within Oakland to the Chicago skyline, at Bird Trouble events and with friends who truly feel the BT motto :: live wild and free::

Though I do wish I had footage from my days in LA and in Chicago, I feel lucky to have the footage from Oakland and from the time I spent soaking up other’s creativity and musical talent.  Re-watching these moments, I’m reminded of how all of my relationships have brought me from there to here and how each passing moment hasn’t left forever – the feelings are still in the air, if you let them be – and why not just let them, since the moment already rolled by.

Video content, words, and editing by me, Alexz Sandoval of Bird Trouble.
Music: Bob Dylan, Jazmin Rodriguez, Samantha Sue Gerium, Jojo + Caleb + Cody from Sticky Valentines.



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