CHICAGO Shop + Rock, with us on SUNDAY, APRIL 19th. // Lake FX Market curated by Dose Market

To my darling Chicago,

Spring is basically here, the sun has been shining, and I get to see YOU in-person again soon!  On Sunday April 19th, pretty-please come hang out with me at the Lake FX Marketplace (curated by Dose Market).  It’ll be inside of the rad Cultural Center in downtown Chicago.  In a nutshell – FOR FREE – you can listen to professional creatives tell you the secrets in the brain, listen to cool rock n’ roll from Chicago, AND see me, AND shop handcrafted goods.

How. Frickn’. COOL.

I’ll have a lot of colorful stand-out patterned goodies, and stories, from Mexico for you the Bird Trouble table!  You can take home a new Tote, Femme Clutch, Janis Necklace and one of my new home accent products, and you can also place an order for a bag from the ‘Lost In The Right Direction’ collection.  I’ll have all the prototypes available so you can physically touch and see what a finished bag looks like up close.

If you dig a bag from the Lost in the Right Direction collection, we consider any specific custom features that fit your specific bag needs, you’ll choose your color leather (out of 10 colors!!) and choice of textile (out of 1 – 9 options includ. Oaxacan, limited, or exclusive // while supplies last).  I’ll then finish all orders from the 19th, until they’re done!  Each will be made one after another, one at a time.  ALSO – you’re only required to pay a deposit on the 19th since I can’t send you home with a bag in hand. Of course you can pay for all of it too. ((credit card or cash will be accepted))

Killer, right?

Click here to get more info on the Lake FX Marketplace, curated by Dose Market.

I hope to see you there, Chicago!

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