Bags to tear your heart out! // ACCESSORIES BY BIRD TROUBLE

Yesterday, I got together with some awesome ladies I’ve known for YEARS for dinner.  We shared stories from the days when we were teenagers.  Going to all the punk shows, attending the after parties, mean girls, our guilty trophy make-outs with the “cool” dudes from the bands.  We talked about current days and how we are all either going one way, that way, or way over there.  Each one of those ways has a different meaning to every one but we get it.  It’s the way life is.  The only thing we can do is surround ourselves with those who vibe with you, those who support your endeavors.  Don’t take it personally if someone is going another way because every one is trying the hardest that they can, just like you.

We reminisced about the shows we all remembered being at.  The River City Rebels came to Chicago a couple times during the time I was 17 and 18 years old.  Their shows were always super fun, unless it got nasty.  If I recall it correctly, the lead singer said something about hooking up with a 15 year old girl on stage once.  I remember thinking that was weird.  Dude was old.  One night I went to this guy Conor’s house for a party after one of their shows, and the RCR dude were there.  A fight broke out that night after I left, and the River City Rebels never came back.  I played this album again tonight.  I was reminded how much… I JUST LOVED DANCING TO THIS BAND. Or screaming it in my car, driving through the corn fields.

Enjoy one of their songs while you check out what’s been going on here and in Bird Trouble, with photos, AND HAVE A GREAT NIGHT! — Alexz Sandoval

Cell shoot of Megan Saul and Noel Morical at our photo shoot ❤

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