ADVENTURE // Cat Scratch Vanning in the DAMN VAN to Valparaiso, Indiana.

Life in Chicago has been excellent.  We only had to wait 2 weeks for the weather to warm up so we could start skateboarding.  It’s a little nipply out again but it’s tolerable.  Tolerable enough to take an adventure outside the city.  Chantal & Jourdon took us for a ride in their Chevy ’78 van to Valparaiso, Indiana to scope out THE CAT SCRATCH FEVER VAN. It was a frickn’ beaut – but the price had us giving it a thumbs-down.


Our first stop heading out of the city? DARK MATTER COFEE AT STAR LOUNGE.


I’ve been busy with reconnecting and connecting with new and old friends, as well as completing Bird Trouble orders and planning my many projects.  I spent two days this week in the house staining and polishing leather.  I also made the decision to only start buying finished again, instead of raw leather, unless someone requests otherwise.  It’s just a lot of work staining it alone and I’d like to be able to finish my orders faster than I have been.

((( >>><<<< New reader, or a little unfamiliar with Bird Trouble?  Read more about myself and Bird Trouble at the recently updated page, THE STORY >>><<<)))


I find myself feeling a little overwhelmed with orders, social plans and with playing the act of catching up but WHATEVER, every thing is fine after I think about how nice it feels to get the reassurance and positive wishes of friendly good-looking Chicago faces.  I can’t wait to release some event dates to ya’ll.  I hope you come out to see me and Bird Trouble in person! — Alexz

We hope you’re also taking advantage of this year’s last winter days by spending time with good company and delicious margaritas in little towns you’ve never been to. xoxo 



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