WILD & FREE // Utah to Colorado

A new good friend, someone I’ve known for a decade, came out to California in January to hang out with us. At the end of February, we decided we deserved a super scenic road trip.  This was after we decided it was best that I just move back home to the Midwest, incredible Chicago. Sunny California back to the snowy Midwest.  Just in time for the winter time to end.

We road in a used 1986 Volvo we named “Baby”.  We stuffed it with the little amount of items I had in my room so that Tyler’s big butt can fit.  This is the second time I’ve moved in the last six months, but at least it was within the country this time.  I’ve released so many material items in the last two years of life, a chapter I think I will now claim as a imaginative nomadic one, and I have to say… releasing may be the greatest feeling I’ve ever known.

Together, we saw a lot of beauty.

We experienced new adventures.

We shared a lot of stories.

Since we are artists, we documented it.

And here I am, today, sharing it with you!

Dear everyone who has joined me and Bird Trouble on this crazy small business journey, 

Thank you for respecting our story, for sharing it, for supporting it.  I believe everyone, especially makers, should to go to where the best opportunities are.  Even if it’s temporary.  Go experience it, learn from it. It’s only human, to want to follow what makes you the happiest.  DO IT.  Life is too short not to!  xx- Alexz



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