WILD & FREE // Texas to California

There’s countless reasons to travel. One of the best reasons is receiving the power to mentally place yourself back where ever you’d like to be. With just a couple of words, you can connect your memory to the mental images stored in your mind of your favorite traveled locations.

Traveling gets me thinking of memories as a child, ones where my parents would take me from Chicago to California and ones where my dad would drive just him and I to Las Vegas or even Mexico.  Ones we were in Mexico and I was experiencing my first freshly locally bottled tequila. The wide open blue sky.  Towering cacti.  Shadowed marbled or rusty mountains.  The sunset… fuck, each sunset everywhere is so good.

September 2014: My first official time mixing business and pleasure. One plane brought me from Guadalajara, Mexico, the city I lived at for over a year after moving out of Chicago in early August 2013, to Los Angeles, California.  It was the start to the month long work travel adventure task I gave myself.  Design a new collection, bring it to two different cities in the USA by taking a total of two planes and two Amtrak trains.  Though Los Angeles pleasure is always awesome, my business plan will go better there next time.  San Francisco was great and Chicago was monumental.  Each city was so welcoming to my ideas and during this time, I found the reasons within me that will drive me to get Bird Trouble truly kicking ass into the vision I see it being in the future.

In no particular order, my reasons:
Adventure.  Expression.  Connections.


October 2014. After a year of living in Mexico:  I road tripped with my huge dog Tyler, sometimes Tylerdude, and a 10 foot Uhual hardly filled with anything.  We started in Guadalajara, Mexico, stopped in Laredo, Texas and ended in Oakland, California at a house filled with 8 others, sometimes more.  They are all artists in themselves – using their own found forms to express themselves.  Punk rock and indie musicians, psychedelic painters, DIY videographers, a Suicide Girl photographer, a confident copywriter with comedy talents, a positive goal minded cyclist carrier, tons of traveling souls finding produce farms and marijuana farms along the California coast, and a two year old named Koda who looked straight out of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys were just some of the people I connected with in my four month span of living at the Lilypad in West Oakland.

Back to Tyler and I.  Just the two of us, some clothes, a lot of textiles and hardware and Bird Trouble such, a lot of tools, books, knick knacks I can’t let go of yet, and two sewing machines: one small Kenmore and one beastly industrial Singer.  To start this road trip, my dad accepted to be my driver and Spanish-communicator for a one day driving invitation and took us from Guadalajara, Mexico to Laredo, Texas.  I packed up his Ford Explorer with all my belongings one early morning and we headed out of historical festive and deliciously Spanish cultured Guadalajara to the fast-changing and positively locally sustainable Oakland.

Inspiring my upcoming bags.:  My new collection, another fresh becoming, will be inspired by adventure + travel.  What about travel?   Letting it change you.  Opening yourself up to it.  BROADENING YOUR MIND!  It’s true, you really haven’t seen the world unless you take the time to travel it.

_MG_2044_MG_2040 _MG_2051

Memories trigger my imagination to get the best of me, for only good purposes – to inspire the artist in me.  It reintroduces me to these moments I’ve lived through.  The ones I truly love thinking about are the moments where all petty things seem to disappear and the only thing that matters at that moment is the experience you’re having, seeing what the world has to offer.

The photos in this post are mostly ones I took through Texas and Arizona.  My road trip started in Laredo, Texas and ended at the house I stayed in Oakland, California for four months.

_MG_2052 _MG_2053



Driving solo or like I did, semi-solo if you’re counting Tyler, can make you feel how you always should: strong, confident, focused.

I blasted all of my favorite music and I sang at the top of my lungs.

I stopped where ever I wanted for as long as I wanted, such as this wholesale retailer of Southwest goods in El Paso.  Talk about printed textile heaven, jeez.

I drove through Joshua Tree State Park and sat on the back of my Uhaul, admiring everything around me for a good chunk of time.

I even had a mini photo shoot, flashing the mountains my very own mountains ;).

_MG_2057 _MG_2058 _MG_2059


I stopped a crystal caverns somewhere in Texas thinking I wanted to do the tour, but didn’t want to anymore after I found out it was a 3 hour tour. Either way, I had a good conversation there.

I slept in a SHIPPING CONTAINER.  YEAH.  I booked this really cool sustainable living Airbnb spot in Phoenix.  I met super rad new people there and felt super inspired to continue my goal to living sustainably.

I ate minestrone beef soup at this truck stop gas station somewhere in Texas.  It sat on a really high peak and looked over the mountains, cactus and the enormous cloudless blue sky.  The view was spectacular.  I was extremely grateful.

_MG_2061 _MG_2062 _MG_2063


_MG_2065 _MG_2068 _MG_2069 _MG_2071

Within the next few months, I will release more information on the new Bird Trouble collection I’m currently working on.  Big steps are being taken over here.  My nerves are all bunched up to take Bird Trouble to it’s next chapter.  There’s only one way to go and that’s to go up, to get higher.  I’m ready.  I’m so stoked.  I’d like to thank every one of you for being apart of my story of personal expression.  I hope you’re ready for the ride!_MG_2073 _MG_2074

The new Bird Trouble collection scheduled to come out mid 2015 is inspired by ADVENTURE vibes and TRAVEL experiences, letting your nomadic soul see and feel the land around you before it’s too late.  We want to inspire you to feel the thrill and pleasure of seeing the goddamn world around you and to LIVE WILD AND FREE in total awesome bag lady style.

Alexz Sandoval






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