Farewell 2014 <3

{{Photo by the sweet Aaron Mrz in Guadalajara Mexico}}

SS2014’s best seller, the BRODY BAG

PENNY SATCHEL, photo c/o of my gal Melissa from Moldie Goldie

See ya 2014! You were awesome. I learned so much about loving myself and seeing what I’m capable of achieving with practice, hard work, trusting my intuitions, meeting new people and living a pretty healthy lifestyle. It was the year I lived in Mexico with my mom and the first year I focused on perfecting my leather craftwork full-time.

{{photos from the SS2014 collection release pop up in Chicago, September 2014.}}

There was initially a strong intuition of feeling like I needed to move from Chicago, for myself and for my ma. I’m so happy I took that risk, to release and start a new. I was burnt out and growing apart from Chicago. Giving most of my time to working in a field I didn’t see myself growing in, having a routine I didn’t feel like doing anymore, feeling overwhelmingly busy (Chicago, a hustlin’ city), dealing with a sucky heartbreak that felt like it was lasting forever and god damn.. that last seasonal depression… but life can only go up if you work toward it, make some serious changes.

California had been calling me to come back for far too long, I’m stoked I’m finally in Oakland so I can work harder and save to buy a bus soon to convert it into a self sustainable life/work situation, and hopefully meet a ton of you, collaborate with more artists/makers, meet new people and see everyone I love… also show Tylerdude a good time! Can’t wait!! In just a week, I will be doing Bird Trouble full-time again and all your support will keep on meaning the world to me. I’ve purchased a ton of new tools and can not wait til their at my door step. Get ready for some new kick ass leather goods!!

{{Minerva and a OOAK Bird Trouble Bag. Minerva came to my Guadalajara home, out of her way, to model for my bags <3}}

{{photo from a sweet day in Chicago with Chelsea Ross}}

{{photo taken at Humboldt House in Chicago for the release of my SS2014 collection}}

{{photo taken at Accident and Artifact in San Francisco for the release of my SS2014 collection}}

I owe my happiness and this years success of Bird Trouble to loving life, the earth we live on and to all to the support. Thank you to my parents, my family, my friends, my small business friends who let me set up pop ups or who carry Bird Trouble wholesale/consignment, the women who dress killer and purchase my handcrafted goods, strong inspiring women, the artists that inspire me and the experiences I’ve had. Thank you for being apart of my journey, you cool and amazing people. Let’s kick 2015’s ass. Let’s be kind to people and the earth, and let’s live our dreams.


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