Textile Wall Piece Number One.

Before I left Mexico I started experimenting with the natural dyes that my friend Lindy found in Peru after she hiked the Inca Trail for four days. She’s so kind. Gifting me with natural dyes. Jeez, could I ask for a cooler present from somewhere that I’ve been dying to go to since I saw pictures of it when I was super young in my dad’s old extensive National Geographic magazine collection?!


This is my first one. I’m calling them “Textile Wall Pieces” for now. I have another one in the works. I’m looking forward to finishing it. I can already tell how much more I’ve experimented with the second one; when it came to it’s main idea, and connecting it to my travel experiences and to personal daydreams of mine that are connected to psychedelic shapes and movement.

Can’t wait to complete more. If you love it and need one, or this one, reach out to me via email. I’m waiting to sell this until I have more to release at the same time, but I’m willing to part with it if someone is in love with it.

Thanks for reaching!— Alexz


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