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Ommmmmg, hi everyone.

I’m back in Guadalajara from the month long Bird Trouble FW2014 pop-up trunk show tour. I arrived last night. There is so much about my trip that I want to share, but I’ve decided I want to dedicate all of my inspiration from my trip to one particular project. So I’ll be over here, editing photos and going through the sketches and writings in my journal, then compiling them into something rad.

I’m going to give myself 3-4 weeks to do this, so roughly around Oct. 15-22, if I can stick to a plan and get all of it done, I’ll release what I have stirred up in my mind.

Skim through photos on the @birdtrouble Instagram for a little glimpse. I was gone for one month. Guadalajara Mexico to Los Angeles, to San Francisco / Oakland, to Chicago. I traveled via airplane and Amtrak rail. I hardly spent any money (I don’t have credit cards, so I was on all cash). I cooked or prepped my food most of the time. I caught up on reading (and made new book purchases like, #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso and Just Kids by Patti Smith). I filled about 20 pages in my journal. I’m back in the sketch and writing game, ya’ll.

The pop-ups were a huge success. I’m thrilled about the outcome of the events and the orders via pop-up or online in support of the new collection. I’m just so thrilled that I have the opportunities and support to do what I want to do – travel, create, and celebrate. Thank you to those who are on my side, and who are investing in the sustainable future of Bird Trouble, and the freedom of independence of myself. I have big plans for the future. Big, big plans.

xx- Alexz


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