Oakland, California Pop Up at RESURRECT for “Lost In The Right Direction”

Hey Bay Area buddies –

Come meet me and the new FW2014 “Lost In The Right Direction” collection in Oakland this Saturday September 13, 2014 at Resurrect on Piedmont Ave! I’ll be there from 12-4pm. I can also meet up on Sunday, with anyone who couldn’t come by but who wants to see the bags, in the Bay Area or SF. Just contact me via email through this page.

On Monday, I’ll be headed to Chicago via Amtrak! I’m excited. I really enjoyed the train ride from LA to Oakland. This ride will be 2 days though. The LA to Oakland was 11 hours. I have data on my cellphone now though (I traveled for a week without data), I purchased the new Majestic Disorder issue, and I’ve been sketching a lot. I think I’ll be perfectly fine. This time I plan on making sandwiches. Food on the train isn’t cheap and it’s a funky selection – not cool funky either.

I’ve been loving my travels! I’ll write soon. Hope all of you have been fantastic. ❤



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