FW2014 Pop Up in San Francisco at Accident & Artifact

The San Francisco FW2014 Bird Trouble pop up was today. It was at Accident and Artifact in the Mission. Martin has owned the store since 2009 now. It’s so, so warm and inviting. I would like my entire life decorated in the vintage goods he provides. Kindly, he let myself and Leah of Miss Leah Dee Jewelry set up this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, the 6th and 7th), and he provided treats and Sangria. He had these great 40’s (I think?!) Mexican calendar photographs showcased. Leah’s work is incredible, and I’m excited to see where her future takes her.

My friend Jazmin came by to support today. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know her from her guest blog posts here and her The Rad and The Wild feature. She took some amazing photos and I really want to give you a glimpse on what the event felt like. Here we go!

Enjoy the photos.

For your viewing pleasure, Accident and Artifact’s charm. The next time you visit San Francisco, you need to stop in the Mission to do some shopping, coffee drinking, window shopping, people minglin’, good lookin’ beautiful people lookin’… and do not, do nottttt forget to stop at Accident and Artifact. Martin supports local and beyond artists, culture and not filled vintage, and knows everything about every item he carries. It’s amazing to hear the knowledge come out of that man’s mouth about craftsmanship facts or history. They started carrying oils and soaps made from herbs and oils… they… are… incredible. They leave the store smelling like sage, wood, and frankincense. Follow their Facebook page so you can remember to look them up when you’re in town!

Miss Leah Dee…
Leah’s currently working on her brand spankin’ new website, but I recommend you follow her in Instagram at @missleahdeejewelry and her Facebook here so you can keep up with the launch of her store, and definitely reach out or email her directly if you have any custom requests for her!



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