Guest Bloggers :: She/Folk :: Fall Plans

Here’s the final post from guest bloggers, She/Folk.  Lets wish these girls a wonderful fall after you read the inspiring and exciting new ideas that they’re going to be up to! Thanks for hanging out with us Adrianne and Nico!

It’s been a year since we first conceived of the idea of She/Folk, and there are lots of exciting things on the horizon. Not only have we connected with so many amazing women and started collaborations on a variety of projects ranging from visual installations to writing projects to podcasts to leadership initiatives, we have so many more ideas to nurture and execute! Really though, the best part of all of this has been the pure excitement and power behind sharing with and hearing from so many awesome individuals. That element of connection is unparalleled. And now, we want to take that desire to connect even further! This fall, we’re each going on our own adventure and taking She/Folk with us.

Arianne here: This October I’ll be packing up my car and hittin’ the road with two of my favorite ladies, Rachel Rector (RRLingerie designer and creator) and Julia McGuire (songstress and strummtress, Abra Moon) and heading west! For years I’ve dreamed about doing a proper road trip across the country, and I’m so stoked to finally get the chance to do it. Exploring new towns, cities, sites, and wilderness along the way, I plan to collect inspiration for my own writing and of course for She/Folk. Traveling is always such an awesome opportunity to learn about and become enchanted with new places, new people, new ideas, new ways of seeing the world. I’m goin’ to look for America…

Nico here: I’m also taking a brief sabbatical from New York City and following the sunshine this fall, into Spring. Having spent the last few years in New York and carving out a little home for myself in this big big place, I’m ready for an adventure, a challenge, and a little bit of discomfort. This October, me, my tango shoes, and my embroidery supplies are traveling to the other side of the globe to Argentina. I’ll be in Buenos Aires for almost three months and am doing an artist residency with the ‘ace organization. The other part of this trip is dedicated solely to tango; I will have the sorest of feet, happiest of ears, and will watch every sunrise.

Make sure to check our blog and instagram for updates from both of us throughout autumn and always feel free to reach out with any ideas, questions, feedback – we’re still always HERE thanks to the greatness of this little thing called the internet.

XOXO Arianne and Nico

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