DIY Scarf Experiment with 100% Natural Peruvian Dyes.

I recently played around with the natural dyed Lindy brought back to Mexico from her Peru trip for it.  The pack she gifted me has so many colors!  I decided to play around with two different kind of blues and a forest green for these scarves that I quickly made.

These scarves were simply made by tearing manta, tying and knotting and restricting the manta in multiple areas using string, dying the pieces in a kitchen pot, rinsing, giving them a good hand wash in the sink then a good dry in the tumbler, and then completing them by tearing the ends to tie them into knots.

I enjoy trying new things out.  I want to give this project another go soon I can test out more colors and knotting techniques.  First I’ll be giving them out as gifts… and then maybe I’ll end up putting them in the Bird Trouble store, just maybe!


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