Got my Girl Gang with me.


A few months ago, I won a handmade Girl Gang patch on Instagram from this Bird Trouble month’s guest bloggers, She/Folk.  It’s too cute.  Wearing it gives me the confidence that I am a proud and strong young woman!  I keep switching it from bag to bag through my bi-weekly bag changes.  Gotta keep those vibes around.  In this post, you are seeing it on the Dylan Duffel – this Fall 2014’s official duffel bag!!  Rad right?  You can even get your very own from their shop right here!

To read more about She/Folk, check out last week’s guest blog post on the Bird Trouble blog, right here.

To support this amazing group of ladies you can contribute stories of your own, share their project with your own girl gang, and you can even purchase a few other awesome thangs from their shop like this Abra Moon t-shirt and a macrame keychains by Noel Morical!

— xx



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