Recently finished and a Little Nina Simone

Between the last two weeks of official prototype creating and after a couple weeks of first and sometimes second attempts, I made a custom order bag for a new Bird Trouble customer in Minneapolis.  She actually used to a co-worker of mine at the Chicago salon I was working at just before I came to Mexico to do Bird Trouble full-time.

I was so pleased when I heard from her and read that she was a fan of my designs, that she thought I would be able to make her a sick duffel bag.  For her one of a kind Bird Trouble, she choose her textile and leather colors from the choices I have at hand or in studio, she requested fringe (my favorite), and best of all, she requested script saying “Good Fucking Vibes.”

I’m so excited to ship this out to her this week!  I’m also officially finished with the Fall prototypes.  Come September, when I have my Fall collection release, there is going to be a total of eight designs in the Bird Trouble shop.  I’m really looking forward to showing it.  Each bag is super practical and stylish, and yes – I’ll have fringe!  In fact, there will even be a fringe duffel called the Dylan Fringe Duffel!  Woo hoo!

And just because I’ve been on a Nina Simone kick for the last hour… here you go, her beautiful voice, and more photos of this custom order. xx ❤



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