Reflecting // Living and working in Mexico for the last year.


Guadalajara has been so good to me in this last year.  I can’t even believe I’ve lived here for almost one full year.  An entire year of personal and professional reflection and to get this whole Bird Trouble vision clear.  I’m SO excited about this Fall line.  Bird Trouble has truly become an offspring of myself and my personality, and this is the best line I’m knocking out so far.  August is super exciting with a Fall photo & video shoot collaboration going on in just a week and spending hours in my studio knocking out prototypes, all while receiving and working on the Weekender pre-orders and finishing up a custom order fringe duffel that I’ll share here at the end of this week.  We have a place established for our Fall shoot.  We’re going to an eco-logical condominio.  I’m so happy the ladies I’m working with know all the right nature places.

As for a little personal news, I’ve started applying to job positions in DTLA and SF/Bay Area and I’ve emailed a few friends who might know someone who knows someone or somewhere.  Creating a life that you want wont happen unless you work for it, so I’m working for it and asking the universe for the things that I want.  I’d really love to end up in the Bay Area because I will friends there that I’ve known for a decade there and one that would be willing to be my roommate, but LA would be a great place to end up too because I have family, creative friends, and a Chicago friend moving there in a few days.  California could offer me so much, both cities are only a full morning away from each other, it’s just the matter of what city will be ready for me. 😉

Come back to the blog tomorrow, I’m introducing this month’s artist for The Rad and The Wild series.  I’ve super slacked on this series this summer but I’m bringing it back because I’ve loved sharing these talented friends of mine to inspire all of you and to reach more people to support their work.  I’m stoked to introduce someone from Chicago that I personally know, who is super talented, and such a stunner!  You wont want to miss her! – – – – Alexz



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