Guest Bloggers:: She/Folk :: On encouraging women to share, collaborate, & support one another.

Happy Monday, Bird Trouble readers!  You met She/Folk just before the weekend on this blog post.  They’re my August guest bloggers and today, I’m going to share their first blog post with you!  I’m very excited to share these young NYC ladies who are passionate about empowering women with you.  When I was younger, the Spice Girls were my inspiration.  Remember GIRL POWER?  *peace sign*  The older I get, the more I understand how important it is to connect and listen to other women, all women, even ones we don’t personally know, and staying close and connected to our own best gal pals who have stuck with us since the beginning.  The more we understand each other, the stronger each of us gets.  I’m proud to have She/Folk here and I’m SO happy Nico and Arianne will be here all month to teach us and share their beautiful stories with us.  It’s going to be a positive, girl-power filled month.  Here we go… xx – Alexz

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She/Folk is a collective, a network, a space where women are encouraged to share their ideas, support one another, and collaborate. I think our story can best be described as a natural blooming of a bunch of little seeds all at the same time.

Nico (one of my dearest friends and Co-Founder and Art Director at She/Folk) and I have always bonded subconsciously through the She/Folk mentality, before we even verbalized it, since we first met six years ago. Having traveled together, lived in three different cities together, and grown up through our 20’s together, we’ve created and learned so much and always shared these interactions with one another, so the idea to create a book together came very naturally. I wanted to write stories, and Nico wanted to draw pictures. In the past year, we both began thinking and reflecting more pointedly on our experiences as single women living in New York City, navigating our professional, creative, and personal endeavors, and becoming more aware on just how being a woman affects our experiences and how our experiences affect our thoughts on being women. We wanted to hear other women’s stories; our friends, our mothers, our friends’ friends, our co-workers, the woman sitting next to us on the subway, the shop owner down our street, the tango dancer Nico’s seen in class, the author I’ve listened to give a reading, the singer we saw at open mic night, the mother of ten we saw hosting a birthday in the park, teachers we remember from our past, and every woman in between. Thus, the Stories project was born (and continues to grow every day with each new woman that contributes!)
We also wanted to create a space where we could host and connect other women creators just as we had already be doing for ourselves and our own group of friends intuitively. So we’ve worked to organize something where every woman can feel free to share, showcase their own passion, and work with one another through our Projects page and online Gallery. And we always want to hear feedback and new ideas, and since the launch of our website just six months ago, we’ve already connected with so many amazing women we didn’t know before! We think of She/Folk as an extended family of sorts, a tribe where you know you can turn to for inspiration and support.

To us, She/Folk is about celebrating creativity and collaboration with a group that believes in the power of women.




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