The official Fall 2014 Textiles – Hand woven wool from Oaxaca, Mexico



Here they are, the official Fall 2014 textiles! These are the blankets that I’m going to use as default in my Fall designs {{apart from the two other textiles I’m offering for Pre-Orders, until supplies last}}. Each product will be slightly different with the color pattern slightly different on each one. The color of these blankets are to last 10 years if cared for properly. What I mean is… don’t keep these in direct sunlight or near any annoying closet moths. Each blanket is hand woven in Oaxaca Mexico by Mexican weavers. Using these textiles, we are supporting the weavers as well as the direct sellers! Sustainability and fair-trade shopping at it’s finest. – – –  Alexz



_MG_1548 _MG_1550



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