How Mexico is Inspiring Bird Trouble // On Sustainable Fashion, Fairness, and the Traditional Huichol Culture.

Bird Trouble has been incredibly inspired by Mexico’s crafts since I’ve gotten here. I’m constantly in awe of the beautiful and colorful textiles and crafts handmade in this country, and the stories that are behind them. I will bring more of it into BT and back to the US with me because I know I’m passionate about ethically supporting and sharing my culture, combining it with the world of fashion, and I want BT to help make a positive difference in others lives all around the world.

I’m sharing this because I want to voice how important it is to me that design and fashion is done fairly among everyone who contributes to the work, and how important it is that people are aware of what’s happening around the world of fashion since a lot of us are prideful of how we dress these bodies we are in. As more people are being told the truth, the more stories get placed on the Internet, and more people will be inspired to change their spending ways.

I stumbled into a cute store here in Mexico, one that I LOVED as soon as I walked in, until I found out that the owner, who is from NYC, pays the Huichol people basically nothing for the crafts she’s having them make for her shop, compared to what she’s making on each through online sales. It boils my blood that this old culture of incredibly talented and earth-loving humans are being taken advantage of while they’re trying so hard to keep their culture alive by working and outsourcing themselves and their art. I personally don’t know the woman who owns this shop, and I don’t know what bills she has to pay for or exactly how she spends her money, but I do know I wouldn’t feel good paying the Huichol what she pays them.

I believe everyone who works hard has the right to work and live fairly, and comfortably. I know what I want to see in BT’s future and what I believe in, and I hope that my words and my work opens up some minds along the way. Do your research and pay attention to where you shop. The domino effect of the fashion world could a) kill the traditional cultures of our world who believe in such amazing values, who put down the building blocks of our modern lives or b) help the traditional cultures stay alive, stay healthy, strive and grow, receive education, live in preserved peace, and continue to teach us how to live passionately and fairly in this modern world.

All I want is to share my work and to inspire others, to leave my mark in bigger ways that can change little parts of the world we all live in. I’m crying now. Thanks, internet world, for letting me cry and write to you, for letting me make things and share them with you. — Alexz Sandoval // Bird Trouble


Learn more about the Huichol people through the Huichol Foundation website.

Share how you’re making a difference in supporting sustainable fashion and leave your thoughts on my words in the comments, or contact me here.


Vintage Huichol bags. photo credit.

photo credit — American Museum of Natural History

photo credit.


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