WILD + FREE with a SPANISH FEVER. // Inspiration Friday for Bird Trouble Fall 2014

The photos above were found on Pinterest. Their hyperlinks, if there is any, were repinned onto my Pinterest, here.

Inspiration for Bird Trouble’s Fall 2014 Collection.

Dark, sexy, WILD AND FREE, texture, a Spanish fever. My sketches are blending with the images in my head, and my mind is running into beautiful photos like these that I found on Pinterest to collect for some future photo shoot inspirations, and so I can FEEL my collection before I start making it. This is why inspiration boards and sketches are amazing. I sketched an entire page of bags this morning while I sipped on my latte at this charming little coffee shop. I know I am pulled to bright festive colors because in Mexico, I am surrounded by it, but the pre-teen weirdo in me, the one who was mostly dressed in all black before I turned 16 and started dressing in ripped band shirts and garter belts from suburban sex shops, is still in me. Just like in you and in me, the sexy, confident, and fearlessness bits of us stay forever. We just need to satisfy them, we need to expose them.

I’m covering a lot of basic styles and bringing back some that I already have but they will be tweaked with more detail to produce a line for the charming, sexy, and free bird souls. I have a drawstring tote bag, a drawstring satchel, a shoulder bag that can also be carried as a clutch, a small pouch, and my classic duffel bag style but a little bigger. The Debbie Satchels are staying as they are. They’ll forever be my classic bohemian. These next ones will be more rock and roll. More power. More “Holy Shit”.

What inspires all Bird Trouble is: humans and life. 
We are inspired by what we put on, we are a reflection of what we wear, and if Bird Trouble can give someone a feeling of WILD AND FREE who doesn’t always necessarily feel WILD AND FREE due to the modern day, fast world surrounding us… well, that makes everything worth it. Everyone deserves to feel freedom, everyone deserves to feel wild. We are apart of something much bigger than this fast technology filled life we’re living… Bird Trouble will bring you the energy, the fresh air, and a captivating piece of the outside.



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