Taking Responsibility:: Words of Consciousness from my Journal



“Instead of ignoring our past, we should embrace it. We shouldn’t allow the thoughts of others about ourselves change the way we see ourselves. We should shine the love we can give instead of hiding it.” – Bird Trouble



I wrote something and painted in my journal today and I wanted to share it here. Last night, I was thinking about how I never write like this anymore but it feels so good each time I do it. So to change this, I bought a cute handmade journal from the street market the other week and I’ve been doodling in it and also writing thoughts of Bird Trouble, or of personal experiences.

I don’t mind sharing my thoughts publicly. I’ve been exposing my honesty in more a raw way since my high school Livejournal days. Now a days, I forget to make time for it… then when my mind forces myself to do it, I think why don’t make time for it. I know it feels good, I know it can inspire other people, I know sharing my writings can only bring good to me… so I’m going to do it and share these in a new blog category: Journal.

This is more than just my brand website, this is my story… this is me documenting my growth of consciousness and it’s exciting to me. This is the every changing me, this is what inspires me, what makes me, what makes Bird Trouble and if you’re reading, I hope you enjoy it.


July something, 2014. My phones dead and I have no clue the day.
I wish I could grab and write down each passing thought in the morning that fills me with insight of who I am and jot it down into this book. Loud mind, cool it with those other thoughts. I do not want the thoughts that tell me that I’m doing something wrong or that I should be doing anything more than what feels good at this moment. Thoughts filled with fear or doubt, egotistical thoughts, thoughts telling you to go to something that feels comfortable, something you’ve become addicted to. Don’t let them create a cozy spot in the mind.

The minds of humans are strong, they’re bold, they’re expressive. We love so hard it hurts and sometimes it feels like it can kill, sometimes it does. We think so deep, we create our thoughts into reality. Don’t cozy up with those negative thoughts, don’t make it your reality, just let them pass.

This is who we are. Let’s let it be. Let’s strive to be happy. Change what we need to by releasing unhealthy obsessions and negative judgement and accepting what we need to.


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