Micheladas & Church Exploring en El Centro de Guadalajara

I have been cutting it close to being non-stop Mexico tourist, family gal, and adventure seekers for the last two weeks!  My aunt Arcelia and cousin Jessica from Chicago have been visiting and Arci hasn’t been here for 20 years so as she says: We can’t miss a moment!.  It sure is nice to spend time with them, to feel the feeling that not much time seemed to have passed.  Jessica is 17 years old now and it’s wild to see how she has grown into the smart, honest and strong, young sassy-ass confident woman that she is from that quiet kid I once knew.  I appreciate this time we’ve been able to open up to each other, and I really love that she thinks I’m weird! Always take being called weird as a compliment!  She wants to get accepted to a school in London… I hope she does so I can stay with her when I visit there… 😉

Like I said, we have been up-and-at-it every day.  I’m exhausted but BOY am I anxious to get back to creating and networking.  Creating is my stress relief, my stars to my sky, my pea to my pod… but my creativity has to coexist with my wanderlust tendencies.  So to conclude the last non-stop days  —  My mind has really appreciated all of the new memories, the reflections I’ve had, and the beautiful places we’ve been.  I’m feeling inspired to get back to my normal Bird Trouble schedule and I’m ready to start changing some habits I’ve been wanting to break away from and move forward from.

During this time, I have realized how draining it is for me to be around people every day so I took a few days off to stay home alone.  I grew up the only child but close to 2 boy cousins and I had a lot family around on most of the weekends.  My teens and early 20’s were FILLED with boyfriends, friends, some school, and a full-time job every minute and all the time. I loved it.  Now that I’m at my late 20’s, I’m drained if I don’t get my quiet and alone time.  Funny how that happens.  It’s healthy to take a day off for yourself.

Here are some photos that Jessica and I took in downtown Guadalajara… El Centro.

I have always found the structures of churches to be beautiful… everything.  The size, the architecture of the outside, the stained glass, trimming detail, chandeliers, faux gold.  The photos coming up are my photos from inside the Catedral de Guadalajara.  I don’t think these capture the mass of this place though but you can get a glimpse of the outside of it in the 2nd photo from the beginning of my post.

The Catedral de Guadalajara has 6 different alters and the alter is made from marble and silver.  CRAZY.  Oh and NBD but there’s a TWO year old mummy inside.  She’s the daughter of this one Official dude and he was just town that she died early from a bronchial infection.  Rosalina died in 1918 in Palermo, Italy.  I didn’t snap a photo of her, it just felt wrong, though you can see one and read more about her here if you’re interested.  Very sad, kinda creepy but as I said: interesting.

Thanks for reading! – Alexz


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