Bird Trouble in Nashville, Tennessee!

found at Shopping from the Heart

Images found on The Trunk’s instagram: @thetrunknash

If you live or are visiting Nashville Tennessee, you can now see Bird Trouble products in person at The Trunk! The Trunk is Abby Franklin’s rad fashion truck that sells at craft fairs and events around Nashville. Check out their schedule here. They do have a permanent location at 1006 Fatherland St. Ste. 202, but if you’re going there to find Bird Trouble, I would call ahead of time at (615) 319-2244. If you’re going just to go and check it out, go!!! It looks like such a cool shopping experience with expressive, rock and roll, bohemian, handcrafted, unique, and local Nashville goods.

Follow The Trunk online:

I can’t forget to mention how cool Abby’s story is and how she seems like such a rad and down to earth chick who has a closet I would love to invade. When I read her interview with Kelley of Majestic Disorder magazine last year, I knew I wanted to reach out to her. I’m hoping I can drive through Nashville when I get back to the States so I can meet her and check out the shop myself.


You can find the following Bird Trouble pieces at The Trunk:

Go on now! Go shopping and tell Abby that Bird Trouble sent you! – Alexz




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