Last Days of Debbie Fringe Satchels Web PRE-SALE!

Vagabonds, wild gals, and the ladies who let their hair blow in the fringe, I mean WIND…

The Debbie Fringe Satchels. These are really special because after a customer places an order, we make it together. That’s right, TOGETHER. They choose between a small size and the regular size, and then I send a list of textiles to choose from. The customer tells me their favorite choice and I take care of the rest! Within no time, they are twirling in circles while wearing their favorite summer dress and watching the fringe spin…and spin… and spin.

I don’t want anyone to miss out on this opportunity so I’m dedicating this blog post to THE ENDDD OF AN ERA. Meaning… it will be the end of the pre-sale for the Debbie Fringe Bags this week on Friday, June 13th at 11am CT. I’m ready to release these bags to the rest of the world; To start reaching out to retailers! I’ve received such positive feedback from customers who have already made their purchases, from local friends (and my ma!) and from so many social media friends. I’m so stoked about all the love for these! I think this style is such a damn perfect reflection of Bird Trouble’s personality and what I/the brand wishes to put on every one else… to be wild and free. Need I also mention… fringe and leather, baby!!

Each bag is made from 100% black genuine leather. Each bag will incorporate a piece of vintage or repurposed hardware that was taken apart from cool old belts. Each piece of leather is cut in studio and hand-stitched with a strong black nylon waxed thread into the shape of perfectly spacious satchel. I spend 75% of the time hand-stitching and hammering in stitch holes during the creation of these (I love working with leather, it’s meditating!). The only parts that are put through my sewing machine is the strap and the textile on the front. Did I mention that’s actually a pocket? Oh yeah!

The Debbie Fringe Satchel would make a cherished accessory and memory for years to come, for you or a friend who has a celebration coming up. What better than give a gift that you helped design? This is quite an experience and I’ve been told it’s quite positive and easy! How nice. 🙂 Hurray up to catch the pre-sale because there’s only a week left! Lets make you a bag, purchase your very own here! – Alexz

Debbie Fringe Satchel featuring extra long fringe. Normal fringe length is about 5 inches shorter than pictured above.





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