Be chill and work. // Photos from the studio.

It seemed like I worked full days, every day from Monday of last week, up ’til this Friday afternoon filling an order of about 50 products, one that was requested to be shipped out speedy style 7 days from the order request.  It’s a great feeling finishing this project with such little time.  It’s only me over here.  At the end of the day, when I see how much I accomplish… I’m like, “Raaaaaad“. Can I move on to the next one now?  I did have a few moments of “Oh my god, what am I doing outside?” or “Ugh, I wanted to leave earlier!” where I would tell myself to calm down and react differently, and just to be productive about my thoughts.

So that’s how one of my little secrets on how I stay chill while I work.  1) I love what I do, whatever, making things is just naturally a chill environment. 2) React differently. 3) Do one thing at a time.  Ok ok, I just came here to show you pictures I took during my work hours.  Also to say – I’m so excited about this order!  Stay chill, guys. Here we go.



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