New Handcrafted and Handstitched Leather Accessories

Hi friends! I have a few new really cool leather accessories that are great for women (and one for a man!), especially those with a more bohemian and DIY style who love supporting small designers like Bird Trouble! The following products are hand-stitched, not put through the sewing machine, so they are one of a kind but still at a great retail price for customers.

Find these for sale here if you’re a customer: BIRD TROUBLE ONLINE SHOP

If you’re a retailer and are interested in purchasing these in bulk for your shop, please contact me for wholesale pricing. The wholesale price includes the products being tagged and paired with a storage bag (per product).

If you’d like to personalize these in any further way, I’d be happy to chat! – Alexz

Bird Trouble accessory package. Includes the following handcrafted and hand stitched leather goods.  ((free shipping with the purchase of another product))

If you were to purchase each of these separately, you’d be spending $66 dollars.  If you buy this pack, you get all three of these at a discounted price of $55 dollars.  All products come with a storage bag for storing or to impress a loved one with a sweet handmade purchase.


Each is hand crafted by my two hands and the help of my beloved leather tools. You can see more photos of how I make these on my Instagram @birdtrouble.


Wallet or as a business card holder. Handcrafted from start to finish. Leather is cut in studio with our hands and the help of our tools. Two square pieces of thick strong leather are hand stitched together using wax thread, creating a slim piece that men and women both dig.  //  $26 dollars ((free shipping with the purchase of another product))

“Absolutely in love with the leather card holder I bought from Bird Trouble as a gift for my husband. The quality and craftsmanship is amazing. Thanks, Alexz! – Lauren of – Chicago, IL”

Measurements: 3 inches wide by 4 1/4″ tall. Perfect size for a regular size back jeans pocket.

Key Fob. Handcrafted from start to finish. Leather is cut in studio with our hands and the help of our tools. A few pieces of thick strong leather are hand stitched together, after applying hand stitched detailing, using wax thread. A rad slim key fob that women dig. // $20 dollars ((free shipping when purchased with another product))

Materials: Black thick leather, gold metal hardware, brown wax thread, and black wax thread.
Measurements: 7 inches long by 3/4″ wide. Perfect size to grip.

Long Fringe Tassel Clip. Handcrafted from start to finish. Leather is cut in studio with our hands and the help of our tools. A piece of thick strong leather is properly glued + hand stitched to soft fringed leather using black wax nylon thread. Creating a rad and simple fringe tassel that can remind you to ALWAYS BE WILD AND BE FREE. // $19.50 dollars ((free shipping with another purchase))

Attach to your current bag or add it to Bird Trouble bag purchase.
Measurements: This one is 9-10 inches long. It is a large size. More options: Small (5-6 inches long) and Medium (7-8 inches long) The hardware has a 1/2 inch opening.

– Though we only offer these in black leather for the Bird Trouble shop, retailers may contact us if they’d like a custom bulk order in a specific color.

xx- Alexz

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Thanks for looking!




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