I am an Expert Denim Jean Decorator.

I recently decorated the jean jacket I found thrifting in Oakland, California when I was there visiting friends + working over these last holidays. The little shoulder frog was already on there. Too cute to take off. The Clash patch has been in my possession since high school, it belonged to a friend before. It happened to be his butt flap patch. Yep. THIS is a butt flap patch – the Exploited patch hanging from this guy’s booty. Don’t judge. I used to wear one too. Ohhh, the fashion sense I had when I was 16 years old… I’m super proud of how I expressed myself. If you’re in high school and you dress weird – trust me, it’s fine. Dress how ever the hell you want, friends, always!



Flux and Feathers earring. These were handmade in Chicago (soon to be Austin!) by Arieana Grills, a rad girl I’ve known since my teenage years during our young punk rock show and party days. She creates unique jewelry with found materials and cool things like bones and feathers. She showcases in Chicago all the time, sells online, and makes custom orders. Check out her online shop here and read the Lucky 13 interview she just had here. She’s so sweet, she mentioned me!

I actually found The Adicts patch here in Guadalajara at a tiangis. I kissed the lead single Monkey on the lips after I danced on stage with the band and a bunch of my girlfriends when I was 17. I just couldn’t pass it up after seeing it and thinking about that time. Sham69 is a great English punk rock band…. super fun, always been one of my favorites. This is one of my favorite songs from them – You’re a Better Man Than I – then again I like so many songs by them, like all of them.


I’m pretty sure my previous roommate Max gave me that Against Me! patch. Either way, I’m stoked I have it because Against Me! is one of my favorite bands that I hold extremely close to my heart. I can easily say that Against Me! has been there for me for 10 years now, they’re like a best friend. I have a mixture of memories where pain was comforted and ones that are filled with amazing people that connect me to their music when I play it at home. I’ve seen them live multiple times but if I start to explain those times – this blog post will be 10x as long. I recently watched this interview with Laura Jane Grace on the George Stroumboulopoulos show about her life recently, and her new daughter. She’s just absolutely amazing. SO excited she’s now a Chicago resident!! Hell yeah. — I burned the leather patch myself and yes, duh, I’ll make you one if you want one.


Handmade bracelet c/o Flourish Leather. I’ve been wearing this a lot. The maker Danielle and myself have known each other via blogging since 2009-ish, back when I had my first Blogger blog. It’s wild that we both have been following each others stories. She’s now a mother and a wife, with a beautiful family and is making beautiful leather goods! I love being connected to other women who have creativity + small business in common with me. I love meeting makers from all around the world. Danielle and I both have mentioned how we’d be excited to meet each other one day and with my new camper van plans, it’s totally possible! You can find a bracelet like mine in her online shop for only 18 dollars.



Adios muchachos and muchachas! I have to update the look of the blog and then I have to make myself a meal before our new yoga teacher comes over. Sweet fact about Mexico : private tutoring classes are CHEAP. We spend 200 pesos for an hour and a half… split in between 4 people. That is less than $5 a class. It’s wonderful that you don’t need a lot of money, if any, to do yoga here. HAPPY WEEK. -Alexz



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