This is a part two of yesterday’s blog post: Manifesting ‘My Small Business Goals + Sayulita Beachtown Weekend Recap’. Read that blog post here because you’ll going to want to know where I’m taking Bird Trouble after I tell you that you should! You should! 😉 The few comments on my post ‘Dreaming of a nomadic lifestyle’, the one about my camper van goal, are so sweet and each contributes as a little push to me to follow my goals. Just want you guys all to know that I read each comment here and on all of my social media networks… and appreciate all of you being such supporters of my work and my life! You really know how to make a girl feel lucky to have. xx

I bought that bathing suit because it reminded me of the Mara Hoffman bathing suits. When there’s a next time, I’m going to buy a Mara Hoffman. This one doesn’t like to always cover some parts, but it IS made for a lot of nip slip giggles though!

Really intense waves in San Pancho. One basically ate me for dinner. It threw me to the sand at the bottom and now I have a bunch of sand scrapes on my knees. Boy was that both scary and (mostly) exhilarating!

I thought to myself “Is that a mirage?” and kept saying “Who lives here? Can we be friends with them?” Alicia and I wish we could have met whoever sleeps in there!

Adore that girl!


Darjeeling Tea House in San Pancho. Maddie, she’s is a homegirl from Australia who was living near me in Guadalajara, works there and lives across the street. She loves it so much there that she’s making it a point to stay there a little extra longer and picked it over the US.

Evoke The Spirit in Sayulita. This is one of the most beautiful boutiques I have ever been in. The woman working there was extremely kind, explained the traditional art and how it’s all made locally, and she was a fan of Ty. I can’t wait to go back here!

Yah Yah’s Cafe in Sayulita. Our waiter was friendly and curious of our Spanglish, and there were dirty chai lattes WITH ALMOND MILK on the menu! Yum!

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  1. You sound like an amazing young woman! My daughter recently received a purse you made for her and I gotta tell you how very happy you made her! You got some kinda special girl!

    1. Why thank you!!! It’s so kind of you to tell me that. I’m glad I was able to make your daughter very happy – that makes me very happy!! I truly appreciate you stopping by, it’s feedback like this that make everything so worth everything. 🙂


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