Manifesting My Small Business Goals + Sayulita Beachtown Weekend Recap // Part 1 Out of 2

Chicago Alicia, but really Tijuana Alicia, came out to visit me in Guadalajara late last week and I took the weekend away and mostly unplugged to spend time with her (we’re both addicted to Instagram). I asked my dad if he could take us to Sayulita, it’s a beach town by Puerto Vallarta that I’ve been hearing about from so many people here in Guadalajara. Everyone is all “you’re going to looooove Sayulita.” and well, they were absolutely freakin’ right! I’m glad that people know exactly what I like, even people that I barely know. I’m absolutely obsessed.

Her visit was perfect timing. Spending time with Alicia, who is just so freakin’ amazing, and being able to really talk it out with her helped clarify what my plan is. I struggle a lot with doubt, having the creative mind that I have + just sometimes being verbally shy, and it just was so helpful to have the push from a friend who is so leveled out in her mind (and a strong independent Mexican-Mamacita) as opposed to the bouncy ball mind I have. I feel so relieved that I’ve finally decided on what feels really right! We had the opportunity to get a ride to the ocean and a free place to stay, thanks to my dad. He’s always took me to the ocean, ever since I was a kid, and each time I go… I realize how much I love nature, being in nature, and the endless view of an ocean. No wonder, I’ve always felt connected to nature…more than a big city like Chicago. If you’re a new reader or just didn’t know- I grew up in a suburb right outside chicago, spending a lot of time in the city with family, and lived there basically 6/8 years that I’ve lived outside of my parent’s suburb home. I’m just ready for new places like endless corn fields, mountains, and gigantic Redwood trees!

My plan is to move to one of the beach towns near Sayulita within 2 months. I have family coming to visit in a couple weeks, I’ll be ready to go to look for rentals after they visit. It’s the low season right now, meaning there is not a lot of tourists trying to find rentals out there… so I’ve been told this is the best time to look. I already know of a one bedroom/studio like place for 130 dollars a month, without a kitchen (you guys are probably like WHAT at the price and WHAT at the no kitchen). Realistically, one can easily buy a hot plate and a mini fridge. I already eat healthy so whatever, it’s easy. The “studio” place I was shown by a friend is 2 1/2 times bigger than most Chicago studios, the price with the quality of happiness that is in hands reach is unbelievable to me. I’ll just have to pay for internet on top of cheap rent. There’s also rentals for 300 dollars – so I’m going to keep my mind open and see what’s available, then feel out what is best and what I can afford. I don’t want to spend 300 if I have to because I do want to save for my “sooner than later” goal (I say what this is in a few paragraphs). I don’t need anything more than a simple room that fits in me, Tylerdude, my bed, sewing desk and table, with wifi – I don’t want a TV – I dont need a kitchen table – I’m getting rid of even more things I brought from Chicago. I don’t need anything but what I listed.

The beach towns are so zen and it feels much more of a simple, sustainable living lifestyle… LOVE. Everything about it exactly what I need right now to reach full creative capacity while I’m really kicking off Bird Trouble. It’ll be time of clarity. I love living with my mom but I’ve always been an independent craver and ever since I became single (and decided to focus on myself), all I’ve wanted is to feel strong enough to where I can support myself and have a chill place with roof that I can call “all mine” for the time. She’ll only be 4 hours away and she may even move to the beach when her Guadalajara lease is up, to her own place. Independent women, go!

There are plenty of natives who are creating beautiful traditional Mexican art and there are such amazing little small business boutiques in the towns that I can to volunteer maybe, or just ask if they can teach me new skills. I can learn surfing, which would be great because I do have a body of water fear that I would love to try to get rid of. There is yoga classes and yoga retreats there. There are SO many friendly awesome stray dogs. Tyler is absolutely in love with the ocean and can actually have room to run around since he certainly can’t in this city. I can be half naked!! I’m really looking forward to everything!!!!! Can you tell?

The goal after that is to definitely get a camper van and do my US tour. I will be working, living, and traveling = three of my favorite things… all with my favorite little furry four-legged buddy… and I’ll be able to meet all of you amazing people plus many more. I’ve explained my US travel tour goal in a recent blog post that you can read here. All I have to do is manifest these plans to happen… so, that’s what you’ll be seeing me doing!

Here are the pictures I took at the beach. These really don’t do justice is showing how charming the spots in town are. I’ll just take more photos once I get out there. I’ll be posting another blog post in a few days because there are a ton of photos from this weekend!

Where we stayed, the view forward.

… the view down.

Cafe Arte, a super cute place we grabbed food at in San Pancho. I had a delicious chicago pesto sandwich. I would like to go back to see the art they display inside.

Obsessed with him being obsessed with the sand.

My favorite picture of the trip, taken by my dad.

They went insane for a few minutes!

King of the beach.

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One thought on “Manifesting My Small Business Goals + Sayulita Beachtown Weekend Recap // Part 1 Out of 2

  1. Everything in this post looks beautiful!!! Im super jealous!! AND Im also super proud of you too!!! I know youre gunna keep it up n your ambitions will come to fruition!!!
    Much love,
    (me) kz 🙂 ❤


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