Dreaming of a Nomadic Lifestyle

This last weekend, I stumbled upon this youtube documentary about a family of 5 who lived in a caravan for a few months. This documentary inspired 4 straight days of daydream planning of how I’d buy a camper van in Texas, hang out in the south until it was time to drive it east, I’d go toward Florida where some of my best friends are, and then I’d take it up north to NYC, through the Midwest, north through the Salt Lakes and the Badlands, from Seattle and south to the Bay Area. Who knows, maybe I’d even find a small quaint town and fall in love with it.

I’ve researching blog posts, watching other documentaries, thinking about numbers in my head. I’d love to do this for as long as I can. Living on the road is proven to be much more simple, sustainable, and affordable. Living with the US as a whole, rather than being stuck in one place for however much money I need to shell out… it sounds perfect, and as an artist it’d be beneficial. I don’t need things. I don’t want things. I want experiences and opportunities.

I would handcraft Bird Trouble out of my camper van / my van / my bus, or I’d ask a friend to borrow their kitchen table for a day. I would have trunk shows in retail stores in the towns I’d stop in. I’d be able to meet so many of my blogger friends and so many other people that could form into lifetime friendships. Friends could join me and come with me through a few states. I’d be able to see every state I wanted to, and ask to just stay in friends driveways or in their homes for a few days. I’d be able to work custom orders by sending customers bags from what ever town I am in. I would even ask local bars to let me work for cash for a few nights, maybe even do stock for a small business, or work on a farm. This dream sounds so, so, so ideal.


I’m going to make a mood board this week. Well, I’m just going to tape a bunch of pictures on my studio wall. Gotta start envisioning this more! I have to make this happen. So… keep buying Bird Trouble! Tell your friends about me. 🙂 And if anyone in the state of Texas has a camper van for sale… leave a comment, ok? 😉 xx-Alexz



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6 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Nomadic Lifestyle

  1. On our drive back from Georgia the other day, I did my monthly craigslist search for Airstreams and found the most beautiful beautiful restored 28 foot airstream, for only $12k. Only. ha. I would pick up and move IN A SECOND if I had it. Sure, I love Shelby, but life on the road, a week here, a week there, would be perfect. a 30 piece wardrobe, a few pairs of shoes, very little belongings, and a life of sustainability and adventure. Man. that’s my DREAM! If only I didn’t have roots in Jacksonville. Soon though, I’ve been planning the lifestyle change for about a year now, and that’s next after Florida. 🙂 Let’s be GYPSIES!


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