Bag Inspiration: Mexican Handcrafted Bag

Isn’t this purse great?! I found this little guy at the antique mercado that goes on every Sunday. You can see a preview photo post that I shared here, that has photos of this great place. You have to go there if you’re ever in Guadalajara, and if you like old things like I do. I carried my new little…pig without a tail?….friend today and paired it with a handmade Flux of Feather earring (sometimes I like to be a little Bowie – and only wear one earring), one of my handmade Bird Trouble Janis Joplin Fringe Necklace, and some new clothes from Zara. I forced myself to go shopping for new clothes. Now I keep calling them my adult clothes. Me not in a band shirt or ripped up jean shorts, what? Whatever, as long as I’m comfortable, feelin’ somewhat cheerful and gothic at the same time, and my butt cheeks aren’t totally exposed!



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