The Leather Hip Bag + Coming Soon to the Shop: Choosing your Strap Length!

I received a custom order request for a hip bag after I shared photos of Carly’s duffle bag (psttt…the Carly will be available as a Made To Order style in the BT shop soon!). Amber wanted a hip bag with the textured leather that was used to make the duffle bag. She loved this style that is already in my shop.

I hand-stitched this bag with a wax nylon thread together and machine stitched the layers of the belt together. I hammered in the gold rivets to secure the stress points in the back. I added a leather pull to the zipper. Class-yyyyy. My branding tag is inside (I’ve never been one for name brands actually ON pieces). I’ve been cutting little brown tags, repurposing this leather I had, and burning  “Bird Trouble” into it in my own hand-writing. Each one is different. I love them, but might upgrade to twill in the new feature…just so I can spend more time sewing.

The hip bag is so simple and so versatile. I’ve never owned a hip bag, let alone a fanny pack, but testing this one out has changed my mind about them completely. 1) They DON’T have to be ugly. 2) It’s so nice not having to actually carry something.

My little notebook can fit in here, my pen, my phone, my wallet, and my chap-stick. If you’re just going to the store or hanging out with friends at night, what else does one really need to carry? I don’t need much. I also love that it can be worn across the body. This is perfect for my friends and customers who commute on a bike or skateboard ( you go, guys! ). It’s also a great bag to bring if you’re going to an all day music festival, a venue show, or a party.

To shorten my story, if you’re a Coachella or a Lollapalooza girl – or a hot biker chick – this hip bag is your jaaaaaaaam.

The leather I used for the hip strap is a really great thicker and soft leather. It’s just perfect for straps. I’ve already started a little train of straps to be sewn, to have hardware added, and then have rivets hammered into them.

My goal for May is to have 2 different length straps in my shop available for purchase. I’ll mention again this after they’re launched.
1) One will be longer, to wear your Bird Trouble bag on the hip (if you prefer a cross-body).
2) One will be shorter, to wear it just off of one shoulder.


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