Photos from the Studio

Here are some photos I took from the Bird Trouble studio last week. I was busy every single day last week with a custom order. That is so fricken’ cool to me. I want to remind myself to always feel lucky if I’m busy with custom orders. I don’t complain, I’m EXCITED because I love what I do. I just want to make things but this fortunate slew of current orders is making me feel really great because they are specifically for the needs of my customers – and the bags are already claimed. I enjoy hearing about the little details that each person wants included in their page. This is my way of keeping track of what’s popular and what’s not. I’m lucky to have multiple new customers this month, as well as multiple previous customers purchases. Keepin’ my world goin’ round and round and round, you wonderful people… I’m loving it and I hope you are enjoying following my little stories, and photos.


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