BT <3's Good Guadalajara Vibes

I am currently enjoying a little Sonic Youth, a cup of tea, and an open window for my early Sunday evening but this is a story about one Monday afternoon here in Guadalajara. It features myself, Karla, Luis, Andrea and Minerva. Karla is a rad chick I met through my Brooklyn buddy Isai. Isai said he thought we’d hit it off. He would say “Karla’s a punk girl from south Cali, you’ve gotta meet her.” I met Luis when I met Robert, who shot my 2013 Winter Lookbook, at a bar the first month we moved here. It was the day of the beer fest and my dad so kindly got me really drunk. That being said, I don’t remember meeting Luis, so this was more of an official hang out. Karla, Luis, and I spent the early day talking and strolling to El Centro in search of art supplies. Karla was down for helping me and modeled Bird Trouble. That was so awesome of her. We had a good group. We’re all talkative, and we laughed at each other in that good kind of way. Luis took us to the one street that I think my dad took me to when I was younger. It was art store, after art store, after art store. I get there and all I can think is “Okay, now, which do we go in?”

The Bird Trouble Janis Joplin Necklace + Karla’s own styling, her own clothes.

Bird Trouble Plaid Pouch

Bird Trouble Guadalajara Extended Tote

Bird Trouble Bombay Sunset Clutch

This is Luis. He’s a Star Wars fan. To me, it seems that he loves all Marvel comics and I picture him having a room full of Marvel action figure toys and Nike shoes. I like the way he speaks Spanish because he’s very forward and friendly-guy sounding. It’s hard to explain but if I told you he’s from Monterrey Mexico and that gave you more of an idea of how he sounds, then good.

The three of us being beer fans, we found ourself talking about beer for a few hours. How “Oh man, it’s be so nice to have an ice cold beer right now” until we found ourselves at a bar to catch a cheap music and talk about the music videos that we playing on the tele. We decided to take our little party to the apartment roof top at my mom’s house, giving us the best damn view of this city and peace.

Minerva had joined us at the bar. She’s tiny and adorable. I enjoy it when she speaks English because of her Spanish accent. She makes the English language sound a lot prettier.

Bird Trouble Teal Ajijic Clutch.

Andrea then joined us. She’s one of the chillest girls I’ve met here. She own her own fanny pack line called Tremenda, she likes to stare at the sun and the sky, she likes to reenact horror movie scenes (screaming and falling to the concrete) in front of convenient stores with me, and she has some damn good eyebrows. We’ve shared a few great times.

Bird Trouble Janis Joplin Fringe Necklace

The beer turned warm, it became late, and every one left. The day went by so fast and I remember thinking how I was happy that I have these people I can spend time with. They’re full of life, laughter, and stories. Another good memory for my online Guadalajara scrapbook.

2 thoughts on “BT <3's Good Guadalajara Vibes

  1. I love how you wrote this post. I feel like I was able to enjoy the day with you. Thanks for sharing a little piece of your everyday life.


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