Bits of the Bird Trouble Home + Studio

Stopping by today to share some shots from my bedroom and my studio. I’m so pumped about my new Cobra statue and the Mexican hanging paper balls I found in Tonala that are in the first photo.

Head to the main blog page to find my blog post and photos of from shopping trip of Tonala, Mexico.

On my wall: a vintage design map of a van I brought from Chicago, Electric Forest 2013 art from Domania Power (one of my best friend soul-mates who is an artist lives in a snow globe of Colorado – see her Etsy shop here!), a map of San Francisco from my trip there over the holidays, an x-ray from the 1950’s I found in an abandoned building in Gilman Colorado (see the film photos I took during this trip on my Flickr here), a Bird Trouble Lou Reed print (you can find it in the Bird Trouble online shop, in the Home Decor section here)

One of my favorite things in my apartment right now: This hand-carved Mexican room divider which was gifted to me by a very nice woman named Linda Hanging on the divider is a few Bird Trouble Janis Joplin Leather Necklaces.

Taped on my wall: a spread from a psychedelic magazine edited and printed here in Guadalajara that is called “Binocular”, an unfinished watercolor painting I’m working on, a shoot of film I took during my trip to SF/Oakland California earlier this year (there’s a rock in the photo that has this phrase written on it – “The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow.” – see this photo closer here, on my Tumblr), and a photo of Diane Von Furstenberg from the Los Angeles DVF exhibit I went to also on my California trip.

Taped on the back side of my room divider: This faces the desk I sit at when I sew. On it is a water color painting I did earlier this month and a bag sketches for retailers that I just like to keep hanging around, even if the projects are done.


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