A Shopping Trip to Tonala, Mexico – Handcrafts Shopping

Last week I wanted to find a colorful handmade hamper for my dirty clothes, so my mom and I went to Tonala. Tonala is in Jalisco, it’s a major handcrafts shopping center. Honestly, it’s quite exhausting! There’s so many stores and streets to walk down, including a ton of vendors on the main street. It’s exhaustingly fun. I didn’t find a colorful hamper, I only found non-colorful ones and I didn’t want to settle. I did find an amazing porcelain painted cobra statue. YEAH. It’s up to the middle of my shins. I’m sharing photos of it on a Home + Studio post soon. My mom purchased this straw weaved rug. I’m hoping to buy it off of her when I move out… ha. Best thing about it, it was about $10 USD. There was this bohemian style furniture store that had straw everything. I definitely need to go back there when I have my own place to decorate.

Today I wanted to share my pictures from Tonala. There is good food in the neighborhood. It’s also just a great place to take photos, as you’ll see… Maybe you’ll be inspired to come visit this part of Mexico. I definitely recommend checking this area out if you’re in Guadalajara area. Especially if you want to shop for friends, or if you just want to just look around and get inspired. The pottery stores are amazing! Everyone is nice. We spoke Spanish the whole time so I’m not sure how much English you can use there. Get to know your basic phrases. If you’re a haggler, you can attempt your haggling with the store owners there, but I like to be polite and haggle respectably. Don’t be a jerk because they won’t sell it to you :). The cab ride to here only cost 150 pesos – depending on the rate, about $10 USD – from my area in Guadalajara – Colonia Americana.

Blank minions are painted for children’s stores. I’ve also seen them at street markets, where vendors set up tables with paint and paint brushes so that children, families, or friends can paint little minions together. Pretty adorable.

my pretty mama in her cream colored flapper silhouette lace dress.

The restaurant we stopped at for fresh squeezed melon juice, we didn’t eat there unfortunately because they didn’t take credit card. So another tip: bring cash. Enough. We only brought a little to limit ourselves, not realizing we might want to eat.

The straw weaved rug my mom bought.




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